choon off

from gaijin shawty by dendy crew



i changed the title of this to something better. "troon" evolved into a weaponized insult over time, when, at the time this was written in the bubble i existed, trans posters on something awful (where all posters are known as "goons") used the word "troon" as a contraction of "trans goon".
in the same way that even an insult can be reclaimed by a marginalized group as an expression of power, this didn't happen with the word over time and instead its used with genuine cruelty now.

Nobody ever, over 8-9 years voiced an issue with me over naming the original song "troon off", though it's an independent decision of my own to rename the song. if it really bothers you that this arc ever existed, email me. if you're really upset the title is different you can just rename the files and tags though.



from gaijin shawty, released August 13, 2012




dendy crew Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

hi hello im dendy crew. 🐘🐘🐘 people know me from various rhythm games and making good posts, online.
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